Transforming raw weather and climate data into easy understandable and user-friendly products.
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Climateradar provides weather and climate services. It specializes in transforming raw weather and climate data to tailor made, easy understandable and user-friendly products.

This website and its interactive applications can be seen as both a personal mission to improve climate change communication and a portfolio for the company Climateradar. The main goal of this website is to make climate analysis as easy as possible, so that everyone can answer their own questions about our climate.

Visitors of this website can analyse historic and recent weather events, see how extreme (or not) these events were, and how these weather events will change under different future scenario's for all regions on earth. This allows to change climate communication to a more bottom-up i.s.o. of the typical top-down approach.

Climateradar is founded and developed by Folmer Krikken.

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Hi, I'm Folmer Krikken. I'm the owner of Climateradar and the developer of the climate analysis tools at I have a passion for science, programming and teaching, which I'm currently combining in the development of this website. After quite some year in climate research I've recently founded the company Climateradar in order to focus more on product development. Below you can find a short resume. If you would like to enquire for more information, feel free to contact me at

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Professional experience

Weather Trade Net - Co-Founder, Lead Data Scientist
January 2022 - present
  • ClimateTech and FinTech startup Weather Trade Net
  • Translating scientific data into tradable signals

Climateradar - Researcher, Data Scientist
September 2020 - present
  • Data Scientist for the Dutch KNMI'23 Climate scenarios
  • Data preprocessing for WEMC Teal tool
  • Machine learning based seasonal forecasting system
  • Developments of climate analysis tools on

KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute) - Post doctoral researcher
September 2017 - August 2020
  • Statistical seasonal forecasts
  • Climate attribution of forest fires events
  • Dissemination of a seamless forecasting system through interactive dashboard

Wageningen Uninersity - PhD Climate Science
Feb 2012 - July 2017
Thesis: Understanding the predictability of the Arctic climate (link)
  • Ensemble calibration of seasonal forecasts of Arctic sea ice
  • Climate sensitivity of Arctic sea ice

Technical Skill Set

  • Python
  • Unix
  • Bash
  • Apache
  • R
  • MS Office
  • Django
  • CDO

  • 2004     VWO Atheneum (Pre-university education), RSG Sneek
  • 2011     Bsc. Soil Water and Atmosphere, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
  • 2013     Msc. Meteorology and Air Quality, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Scientific Publication list

Krikken, F., Lehner, F., Haustein, K., Drobyshev, I., and van Oldenborgh, G. J.: Attribution of the role of climate change in the forest fires in Sweden 2018, 21, 2169–2179,, 2021.

van Oldenborgh, G. J., Krikken, F., Lewis, S., Leach, N. J., Lehner, F., Saunders, K. R., van Weele, M., Haustein, K., Li, S., Wallom, D., Sparrow, S., Arrighi, J., Singh, R. K., van Aalst, M. K., Philip, S. Y., Vautard, R., and Otto, F. E. L.: Attribution of the Australian bushfire risk to anthropogenic climate change, 21, 941–960,, 2021.

Bintanja, R., Wiel, K. van der, Linden, E. C. van der, Reusen, J., Bogerd, L., Krikken, F., and Selten, F. M.: Strong future increases in Arctic precipitation variability linked to poleward moisture transport, 6,, 2020.

Bogerd, L., Linden, E. C. van der, Krikken, F., and Bintanja, R.: Climate State Dependence of Arctic Precipitation Variability, 125, e2019JD031772,, 2020.

Eden, J. M., Krikken, F., and Drobyshev, I.: An empirical prediction approach for seasonal fire risk in the boreal forests, 40, 2732–2744,, 2020.

Krikken, F., Schmeits, M., Vlot, W., Guemas, V., and Hazeleger, W.: Skill improvement of dynamical seasonal Arctic sea ice forecasts, Geophys. Res. Lett., 43, 2016GL068462,, 2016.

Bintanja, R. and Krikken, F.: Magnitude and pattern of Arctic warming governed by the seasonality of radiative forcing, 6, 38287,, 2016.

Krikken, F. and Hazeleger, W.: Arctic Energy Budget in Relation to Sea Ice Variability on Monthly-to-Annual Time Scales, J. Climate, 28, 6335–6350,, 2015.

Krikken, F. and Steeneveld, G.-J.: Modelling the re-intensification of tropical storm Erin (2007) over Oklahoma: understanding the key role of downdraft formulation, 64, 17417,, 2012.

Theeuwes, N. E., Steeneveld, G. J., Krikken, F., and Holtslag, A. A. M.: Mesoscale modeling of lake effect snow over Lake Erie – sensitivity to convection, microphysics and the water temperature, Adv. Sci. Res., 4, 15–22,, 2010.

Climateradar is partnering with Weather Trade Net to develop world's first self-service Physical Climate risk data marketplace.
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Weather Trade Net - is a DeepTech, ClimateTech and FinTech startup. We are experts in transforming scientific climate knowledge into strategic investment signals.

Together we created the world's first self-service physical climate risk data marketplace. The platform provides quick and easy access to climate data for company asset valuation, corporate ESG ratings and asset-level risk management.

We translate raw weather and climate data into climate indicators and hazards using advanced (AI) methods. Our offer can be seen as a "technical control" of companies in terms of the physical climate risk exposure - for each location on earth, both in the past and in future.

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